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What Is A Traffic Exchange?

I have used exchanges every day since then and have had such good success with them that my whole business is now built around them.

A Traffic Exchange or Hit Exchange as they are also known is a real Traffic Alternative. Basically you receive exposure for your own web site, banner ads, and even text links by viewing the sites and ads of other people.

Before you click away if you are thinking I do not have time to view other peoples sites, I must tell you that you do not have to as all exchanges sell advertising so if your short on time you can buy ads without any work.

These programs provide you with a very powerful and cost effective way of :

- Putting your product or service in front of a very diverse audience - Seeing what other folks are promoting - Getting an idea of how your competition is targeting their campaigns - Branding your name, gather leads, and yes, even make sales

Traffic Exchanges are member based, so you must open an account with each exchange you intend to use. This is a simple task that can be completed in just a couple of minutes, and for FREE exchanges it costs nothing to join. I opened a free gmail account for All my Traffic Exchanges and use one username for All too.

Traffic Exchanges operate on a credit system. Members earn credits by participating in a variety of ways, and then "spend" these credits on website visitors to their own pages, banner ad impressions, text links, and in some cases, even email advert's.

By maintaining active memberships in a few good exchanges, you can generate a tremendous flow of traffic for any web site you wish to advertise. When used properly, these resources are an excellent way to promote just about anything.

So now that you know the basics of what a Traffic Exchange is, you will need to know what types of exchanges to use.

There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges:

Manual - These are the exchanges that I always use as you have to click to the next site after so many seconds. This means you have to see the page to click.

AutoSurf - I stay away from these as members can just switch on and leave it scrolling from site to site while say making a cup of coffee, noone need actually see your page and in my experience many, if not all, don't.

Some Traffic Exchanges have both Manual and Auto, and I just use the manual surf.

Now you know the two types of exchanges you must now choose a FREE or PAID Exchange.

FREE - A Free exchange costs nothing to join or use and is a great free advertising resource. I belong to over 80 FREE Exchanges.

PAID or PRO: A Paid exchange or PRO Exchange as they are also known requires a one time joining fee to join but this can be good as you know that every person using the exchange has actually put their hand in their pocket and spent some money online. These in my view produce better results than the free exchanges but generally have a lot less members so not as wide a reach.

Because I work the Traffic Exchanges Daily, I use the Firefox Browser. Click Here to download if you don't have Firefox.

With Firefox you can open several Tabs at one time, and also name the entire group. Get your Traffic Exchanges information together and put a Traffic Exchange in each tab. You can open 5 to 10 tabs. Then go to "Bookmarks", then click on "Bookmark All Tabs". Give it a name. For Traffic Exchanges I put something like " Traffic Exchange 1, Traffic Exchange 2 etc. When you go to surf the Traffic Exchanges again, you just go to Bookmarks and click on the "name" then click on "Open All in Tabs". I sometimes open more than one Firefox Window and then can surf from 10 to 30 Traffic Exchanges at a time.

Traffic Hoopla and Traffic Tornado both are Traffic Exchange Builders. Try to join as many as you can for free then advertise your affiliate links for these programs in a "Marketing Tools Rotator".

Another thing you might want to consider for your computer's protection while surfing is to download "No Script". This allows you to only view some or all of the sites information. This free, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java and Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank), and provides the most powerful Anti-XSS protection available in a browser. Click here for more information &/or to download it for free. Firefox is really safer with NoScript!

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