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Kent Brown
Florida, USA

I've been a full time network marketer for going on five years now.  We started building this business in January of 2013, and in just a little over 2 weeks have earned over $20,000.   This is the simplest way to earn a significant income, and help a lot of people at the same time. I've been a part of other companies and did well but it required mass amounts of effort and time.  We have literally built our entire team from the kitchen table.  For someone who's looking for something simple, duplicatable, and fast paying, this is it.  The automation and real time updates are exciting, and being able to teach a team to do just one thing makes it an easy to follow process.  I've never been more excited about something in my life and love seeing new people get started and getting PAID! Choose To Live Your Dream!

Kaye Kirkpatrick
Florida, USA

We've been involved with network marketing for several years and love it.  We had a really good friend that brought us this business in December and asked if we'd be interested in joining.  With such a low initial one time purchase we immediately jumped on board. In less than 30 days we had earned over $15,000 and were even making money while on a vacation in Mexico!  This is the simplest plan I've ever seen put together by any company.  We have been paid without hesitation EVERY TIME within 24 hours and we've never seen something that moves so fast.  We were looking for something that would get not only us, but those that got involved with us, paid quickly! We can honestly say, we LOVE making money from home, and being able to sleep till we're done sleeping each day!  This is definitely not something you want to hesitate on, you want to get started and get started now!  We're living proof that if you just follow the system, and work together, you can accomplish anything! This business rocks!

Lorrie Trotter
Wisconsin, USA

For the past 15 years I have built a portfolio of online businesses that included many types of comp plan structures with products that most times didn't meet my marketing needs.  I have to tell you that RCC is one of the most, unique, progressive, safe and smartest businesses I have in my portfolio to date... (no one else has done this type of comp plan ever!) and has produced huge payouts for myself and many in my growing team in a very short period of time.  (10K personally in my first month!)  The owner is 100% visable and onboard, the team is 100% supported, the product (Xsky and The Skype Scraper) is 100% what I have needed for a long time and will explode my contact base. My top portfolio pick for BIG FAST MONEY WITH THE BEST PRODUCT is hands down this business!

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